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Greetings, once again. When my daughter was married in 2008, I put on a fancy tux, I was provided a cold mug of beer, and instructed to circulate. My attorney's wife commented that I look like a German Judge. If you think about it, that event was the beginning of a new life for her, just as the new life I am fixing to start as I attempt to adapt to my loss of vision. This is a phase of my life I am not looking forward to, and, quite frankly, this is a phase of my life I want no part of. Unfortunately, the road that lies ahead for me, is a road I have no control over.

Though my vision is slowly deteriorating, I still have a very workable level of vision. I can still use my computer, and do the work I have done all of my life. I just have to do some things that make life easier. I expect to maintain this level of workable vision for at least the next few years. But as I said, I am starting to do things that are beneficial to me. In this phase of my research I am going to share the philosophy and things I am doing to acquire solutions that will maximize what my eyes are capable of doing.

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Before you Continue - You must seek Professional Assistance
At this time, I must remind you that the purpose of this web site is to compile a catalogue of solutions available to people like myself, who are experiencing deterioration of their eyesight. Before you purchase any of these products, it is absolutely essential that you seek assistance from your ophthalmologist, or a doctor who specializes in assisting people with low vision. I live in central Texas, outside of the City of San Antonio. I am currently working with Dr Chan, a PHD in this field, who is currently in charge of the Lion's Low Vision Center, at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Health Science Center. You can't do this on your own, plus, some of the devices I have listed require a doctor's prescription.
Getting Started - Taking the first step in dealing with my problem
As I have mentioned before, I carry and use a Microsoft Surface Book 2, with a fifteen inch monitor. My first goal is to configure my computer in such a way that will maximize its useability to me. My computer uses the Windows 10 Operating System, continuously insuring that all of the current updates have been loaded and installed properly.

Within the windows setup parameters you have the capability to enlarge the text displayed on your screen. You also have the ability to modify the resolution of your screen's display. Because a screen's programability is often different for different computers and monitors, it may require some experimentation to achieve the results desired.

As I discussed in the results on my research screen, there is some software available that will allow you to magnify the area of the screen surrounding your mouse. I believe this application is actually available inside of the Windows 10 Operating System and is called the Windows Magnifier. I also discussed a few pieces of software that will enable your computer to read the data displayed on your screen to you. One of them is called Microsoft ReadAloud and the other Windows Narrator.

My plan was to first experiment with these products, since this can be accomplished with little or no expense. I have also spent a considerable amount of time experimenting with different configurations in search of a combination that worked the best for me. I also determined that with the use of an inexpensive flat scanner, I could scan a document, creating a PDF file, and then read the product using the tools I have discussed in this section. I have found that the more time I spend in this phase, the better results I can achieve, thus allowing me to make more educated decisions as I select which solutions to purchase as I move forward.

I have also discovered that it is quite simple to cause your iPhone to read web pages to you. This is enabled by going to:
                  * Settings
                  * General
                  * Accessibility
                  * Speech
Once uou have opened up the speech option section, turn on the "Speak Selection" and "Speech Screen" options. Read the instructions provided in this section. You will find that this feature is very easy to use.

CHECK THIS OUT! - In some situations you can enlarge the print size on your computer's monitor, at the time you need this done without, having to change and special settings. It doesn't work everywhere, but when it does, it can be most helpful. While holding down the "Ctrl" key, scrolling up will enlarge the print on your screen. Scrolling down, while holding down the "Ctrl" key will make the sprint smaller. If you don't have a mouse, use your "+" and "-" keys to accomplish the same thing. These adjustments are temporary and will usually reset the print size when you leave the screen. This function does not always give the same results, so some experimentation is a good idea. I have also found that this function can be helpful when using Microsoft Edge. There are times when you open a web page inside of Edge and you find the display is wider than the window provided by Microsoft Edge. If maximizing the window does not fix the problem, you can use this function to decrease the size of the page being displayed. Usually the adjustment you make here will stay in place until you change it. You need also realize that when using this function, in any situation, you may see a delay of up to a few seconds for your modification to take effect. As I stated earlier, some experimentation is needed to perfect the way you use this function.

Your Comments and Assistance are Important to me

As I stated before, I have created this web site to help people like myself who are experiencing a loss of vision. I have compiled a list of products that I believe could be beneficial. However, I know there are products out there that I have missed. And, I know there are some suggestions that visitors to this site may have that could also be beneficial. That being said, I will both welcome and appreciate any ideas and comments that you might want to contribute. If you care to contribute, please do not hesitate to send me an email.

Thank you

In search of solutions to help people like me who are losing their eyesight.
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