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GrandPad Phone and Communications Tablet
* Unit Price - $200.00
* Consumer Cellular Monthly Charge - $40.00
* GrandPad Web Site
* GrandPad User Guide
* GrandPad YouTube Video
Jitterbug Smart Phone and Flip Phone
* Jitterbug Web Site

The information on these devices is located on one web site. Please click on the link above to view the associated data for the Jitterbug products. The web site will also feature videos.
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As you have probably noticed, this phase of my research has focused on portable devices. Devices that you can hold in your hand or fold up to an easily carried size, such as the TOPAZ PHD. There are devices that will connect to a stationary PC, but since I carry a Microsoft Surface Book 2, the use of portable devices makes sense. As I expand my research, more stationary devices will be included.

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Some Conclusions I Have Made
At this point in my research project I have come up with the following conclusions. Keep in mind that these conclusions represent my own analysis.

* Level of Technology - It has really surprised me when I look at how far our technology, when it comes to vision, has advanced, or actually, not advanced, at this point in time.

* Product Technology - It appears to me that the technology level of most all of the low vision aids I have listed is about 10 years old. It appears to me that our government places a low priority on helping those of us with vision and hearing issues. I believe that because of this lack of priority, the availability of research dollars is far less than money spent on other medical issues. This attitude also limits what Medicare, and other insurance providers, are willing to do to assist people experiencing low vision and hearing difficulties. Social Security is more than willing to provide compensation for those who have health issues that could cause them a loss in the ability to earn money. That is, except for those of us with vision and hearing issues.

* Product Pricing - I am sure that after reviewing my research results you have noticed that the cost of some of these devices are somewhat high. I understand that research does come at some very high costs, and that these costs need to be recovered, or businesses dealing with these products will fail. If more research dollars were available, this situation might be a little different.

* Product Useable Life - As my vision continues to slowly deteriorate, I can see that once a product is purchased, the question now becomes, how long will the use of a product continue to benefit me? One must realize that the return on the investment made in the purchase of a product could be very limited. Thus raising the question, what do I do with the device now? There are organizations that will assist in the purchasing of new or used equipment, and the selling of your used devices.

* Self Driving Vehicles - Another possible important object that could really help people like us is a self driving automobile. It would provide a freedom of independant mobility that currently a lot of us to not enjoy. Unfortunately, once again technology is way behind. Our best engineers have been working on such a vehicle for approximately four decades, but in spite of these efforts, we still have only promises. We can put a man on the moon, we have the most sophisticated military hardware in the world, but we can't produce a self driving vehicle. To me, this is not only unbelievable, but unacceptable, and only reinforces what I have said about a lack of research dollars when it comes to helping the blind.

* As my vision continues to deteriorate it is important that we do everything we can for our eyes to give them the best chance of providing the vision they are capable of. In my case I had cataract surgery on my good eye around 10 years ago. We left the bad eye alone because we believed there would be no benefit that would justify the expense. But now my doctor and I are considering cataract surgery on the bad eye because as the vision in my good eye deteriorates, the use of what the bad eye has to offer may be critical. This is definitely something to think about.

* Personal Appearance - All of the wearable aids I have mentioned are fine and good. Hopefully the item or items you select will work well for you. But I have got to point out, that not only is it important that the item works well, but it is also important that it looks good when we wear them. Nobody wants to look like an alien from outer space or cause a spectacle when they walk into a room. Hopefully, the manufacturers and developers of these items will keep this in mind as they continue to develop items that can help people like me, to see better.

In search of solutions to help people like me who are losing their eyesight.
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