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Computer Hardware Accessories

Samsung Curved Monitor - 27" and 32"
* Samsung 27" MSRP - $269.99
* Samsung 32 " MSRP - $319.99
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* Samsung User Guide
Dell UltraSharp 43" Monitor
* Dell 43" MSRP - $839.99
* Product Information
* Dell Ultrasharp User Guide
Flatbed Document Scanners
Companies such as HP and Canon offer some quality flatbed scanners that can be useful in assisting folks like us with low vision. These units are available in two sizes. One will handle letter size paper and the other will handle legal size paper. Both of these units will scan color images and are usually priced around $100.00. Both will connect to your desktop or notebook computer via a cable with a USB port. These units do not require their own power supply, but rather get the power they need through the USB connection. The goal here is to scan the document using Adobe Acrobat, which will create a PDF file. Using Adobe, this file can then be enlarged or even read to you using a software product such as ReadAloud. I find this approach to be very successful and very cost effective.

In search of solutions to help people like me who are losing their eyesight.
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