Low Vision Research


Greetings: When was the last time you were greeted to this type of web site with the picture of the owner holding a cold mug of beer? And yes, it is a cold mug of beer. But, when you are experiencing the gradual loss of your eyesight, sometimes this is exactly what the ophthalmologist ordered. As the quality of my eyesight continues to decline, I find myself in search of solutions that could possibly maximize the quality of the eyesight I have left. This web site is designed to reflect the results of my efforts. It also has a goal of sharing what I learn with others like me. There are many devices that are being marketed as possible solutions, but their associated data is scattered all over the internet. That being said, my goal is to compile a centralized catalogue of available solutions, thus helping people like me make a more educated decision.

The contents of this website are out of date. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am in the process of updating the contents.


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In search of solutions to help people like me who are losing their eyesight.
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